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Our mission


We are music lovers first and everything else comes after that. Two DJs with a passion for music of all genres. Our goal is to bring you on a unique musical journey through different ages and styles while keeping your feet moving to new era beats along with a splash of nostalgia.

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They always went above and beyond to help us and brainstorm ideas to take it to the next level. These two great DJs also know how to feel the crowd and then bring the house down.
— Shupy & Baldeep
They met with us on a few occasions to create a vision that was unique to our wedding. They are incredibly creative and capable behind the turntables but puggymixsingh are also reliable and supportive.
— Aarti & Mitin
The music was amazing!! You had everyone dancing and nothing but rave reviews all around!!
— Kelly, NTD Apparel
I think you guys already know Mark and I are over the moon with the way things went down. You guys are on point and all the work and effort you put into our night felt like family.
— Mark & Poonam


About Us

He's the DJ and... he's also the dj

With a shared passion for music, we, Puggy and Mixsingh, came together in the summer of 2015 with a mission to throw unforgettable events. Both from Indian backgrounds, our cultural upbringings have allowed us to be well versed in genres such as Bhangra and Bollywood and mix these with the most popular genres of today. (Listen to our Masala 3 mix above and you will see exactly what we mean.) Aside from DJing, we enjoy producing our own remixes, reading, and investing in stocks.

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